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Convert DVD to AVI WMV MPG MP4, all other popular video formats.
DVD Ripper Ultra is a all-in-one solution for converting or ripping DVD to avi DivX Xvid MPEG1/2 MPEG-4 wmv flv (flash video) , DVD to iPod / iPhone / AppleTV , DVD to PSP, DVD to mobile phone (3GP), or extracting DVD audio to mp3 music files so that you can play it on PC, iPod, iPhone, Apple-TV, MP4-Player, PSP, Mobile Phone, Zune, PDA.
It support all commercial DVD and remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS , etc. ) .DVD Ripper Ultra has the ability to access all DVD included Sony ARccOS protected DVD and all other commercial DVD . Runs on Microsoft Windows 98,NT,2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7,Windows8.
Q: How to convert Video DVD (or music DVD) to AVI WMV MP4 or other video formats and save it to hard disk .
A: You need a DVD Ripper Tool to convert your DVD to AVI or some other video format files, The following softwares meets your need " DVD Ripper Ultra"
Q: I have some problems play the AVI file how to do ?
You need the AVI file playback codec, please click here to download the ffdshow codec
Step by step how to use DVD Ripper Ultra rip dvd to avi with original ac3 surround audio :
1. Download the software "DVD Ripper Ultra"
2. Install and run the software .
3.Load DVD from DVD Disc click the "Open DVD" button . or if you have copied the DVD to your hard disk, you can click the "DVD Folder" button to find your source dvd folder. then , the software will analyse the DVD and list all the DVD title . As below picture
4. Choose the DVD title. (Generally, the software will choose the main tilte automatic).
5. Set the begin and end time (defult, it will convert all the title time, so if you need extract part of the dvd you just set the begin time and end time).
At First, you need click the front , the move timeline bar to choose the beginning, after you move the timeline bar , you need click the front again, to confirm the beginning place.
If you want to choose the end time, you need click the icon in the end of timeline bar. Also you need click twice ,one click to let the software know you begin to choose,the second click to confirm the end of choose.
6. Choose DVD audio and subtitle language.

7. After choosing and setting, you need click the add job icon to add the job in the list. After all the list confirmed, you then click the Start button to start the conversion job.

You can pause or abort the job anytime you like. When you finish you job, you can find the output file in default folder "C:/imdvdout,of course you can change the default folder as you like .
Other tips:
1. You can move the bar ,to preview the scene of the video. It will help you to decide where to begin or end the transfer.
2. How to register the software? After you buy the software, you will get a register code. Just click the ¡°help¡± menu¡ªRegister icon, you will get below screen

3. How to set up output file folder? Just click the Option button, you will get below menu, you can choose the output folder in the menu. Also you can choose shutdown the computer when finished here.
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